16 mai 2023

Mammoth CE certification task successfully managed

Only if a machine bears the CE marking and a certificate of conformity has been obtained can the manufacturer place it on the market in the European Economic Area. The necessary CE certification is a complicated process that requires sound know-how. Large established machine building companies have in-house departments just for this. But how can junior OEMs and startups manage this mammoth task? The software company IdentPro called on the support of SICK.

“Everything helped. We had only a little in-depth knowledge in the area of CE and therefore needed someone to lend us their support. SICK acted as a kind of guide and navigator and showed us the path forward. We then jointly followed that path to a successful conclusion,” responded Michael Wack to the question on how his company had benefited most from the CE certification support from SICK. Wack is the founder and CEO of the software development house IdentPro, which seeks to advance the field of intralogistics with unmanned forklifts, i.e. autonomous vehicles. IdentPro uses digital twin technology to digitize warehouses and to significantly optimize the associated processes. Every physical item in the system is given a digital twin that is used to synchronize the real-world warehouse. The software also determines the new status and location of the goods in real time and sends this information to an optional ERP or WMS system, for example SAP WM/EWM. IdentPro thereby creates total inventory certainty through data consistency and also ensures an error-free and efficient automated operation. This also benefits the operational safety enormously.

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