24 janv. 2023

Mobile robots from SHERPA MOBILE ROBOTICS boost mobility and productivity

Integrating mobile robots that work safely in the immediate vicinity of operators and machines – that is the aim of SHERPA MOBILE ROBOTICS (SMR). The autonomous and mobile robots allow diverse solutions: for example making work operations easier or automating the transfer of a load from A to B, thereby boosting mobility and productivity.

High safety requirements for users

SHERPA MOBILE ROBOTICS offers its customers a whole range of solutions. Their first two customizable autonomous mobile robots (AMR) provide customers with solutions for absolutely every scenario. The first AMR transports pallets and has a load bearing capacity of up to one tonne, the second transports containers.

Safety was the top priority for the developers. To ensure the highest level of safety for the robot in its environment, SHERPA MOBILE ROBOTICS approached SICK. Laurent Troesch, R&D at SMR, explains the background of the collaboration: “Initially we envisaged an architecture for the safety functions that used non-certified components (sensors, controllers, etc.) even through we were aiming for Performance Level d for most of them. We quickly noticed that such an approach would be very complex and time-consuming, which would not allow the speedy market launch of a reliable series of robots.

Furthermore, tailored solutions such as this are rather inflexible and are not particularly suitable for upgrading or use in future robot series. In developing our robots, we were looking instead for efficient and flexible solutions that can be quickly integrated. The exchange of ideas and support from SICK helped us a lot with this.”

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