29 nov. 2022

Cost-effective plug and play transport automation for small to mid-sized companies

The automation of logistics processes is gaining in importance – including in small and mid-sized companies. To remain competitive, they need affordable automated guided vehicle (AGV) system solutions that can be rapidly deployed. The HERBIE automated guided vehicle system from Carrybots meets all these criteria.

We are currently seeing a strong push towards the automation of logistics processes. Companies in a wide variety of fields, for example electronics, injection molding, or even hospitals are endeavoring to automate their material flow. Of increasing importance in this area is the use of automated small vehicles that can perform transport tasks cost-effectively and simply.

The German manufacturer Carrybots has a vision: It would like to make high performance automation accessible to as many companies as possible, and pave the way for them into the age of Industry 4.0. “Our aim is to make the entry into transport automation as simple and cost-effective as possible,” says Marcel Meckes, Managing Director at Carrybots. To keep the barrier to entry as low as possible, Carrybots developed a small, modular-designed vehicle – HERBIE.

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