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23 avr. 2021

How to Benefit from Real-Time Data in Production

How and to what extent can an ERP system support a company in increasing the productivity of their employees? What are the prerequisites for interdepartmental processes to run automatically and without any interruptions? And what potential lies in the integration of ERP software and third-party systems regarding the innovation agenda of a manufacturing company? These and further questions will be answered by the topical guide by teknowlogy | PAC in cooperation with proALPHA. It sets decision-makers thinking and provides them with a recommended course of action on how their ERP system can help them gain a greater added value. The guide can be downloaded free of charge (in German only).

The guidebook is addressed to small and mid-sized enterprises from the DACH region and based on the results from the survey "Mehrwerte schaffen für den Mittelstand durch ERP-Software" (available only in German, roughly: How to create added value for SMEs using ERP software) conducted by market analyst teknowlogy | PAC in 2020. For this purpose, 100 companies from the region were interviewed about the central topics of their company agenda, which include the increase of employee productivity, process optimization, and the promotion of innovation activity. All of these aspects are closely connected to the use of ERP software:

·      ERP applications provide functions for process control, i.e. they are acquired to improve processes.

·      To what extent they can help the company gain added value depends mostly on the employees who use the ERP system.

·      If ERP applications do not offer enough flexibility, they can become an impediment to the implementation of innovations which depend on ERP functions.


Focus on Employee Productivity

The analysis has shown that the companies especially prioritize employee productivity. The shortage in skills and the significant economic changes of the last few months force SMEs to increase the efficiency of their staff.

The survey's results also show that the optimization of existing processes only ranks second for most companies. This is very typical of mature markets like the one in the DACH region where continuous optimization is more important than disruptive changes. Moreover, the companies place a high value on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) regarding process optimization and employee productivity.

And last but not least, the results show that companies focus more on improving the working environments and processes than promoting innovation and questioning and reinterpreting related business models.

Based on these results, the guidebook explains interesting options to positively influence these three central topics by means of technical and organizational measures as well as new processes and procedures. This includes, for example, the use of AI-based ERP tools and ERP-based e-learning or the use of process mining for identifying optimization potential. Readers will also learn how companies are already benefiting from machine learning, for instance, with regard to forecasts in ERP-based demand planning.

The guide "Mit ERP-Software Mehrwerte schaffen – ein Ratgeber von teknowlogy | PAC in Zusammenarbeit mit proALPHA" can be obtained from proALPHA free of charge (available only in German). You can download it here[KS1] .


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