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7 avr. 2021

Smart Linear drives for use in extreme conditions

Agricultural and off-highway machines are often running in the most adverse conditions. Harvesting machines (such as combine harvesters, round balers or transport vehicles) are exposed to strong vibrations, dust and heat. Salt spreaders, on the other hand, must perform their tasks at sub-zero temperatures with freezing cold and high humidity. These machines are dependent on reliable drive technology. These drives must constantly meet such extreme demands and be able to perform at full power even under the most difficult environmental conditions. Phoenix Mecano's linear actuators for agricultural and off-highway applications meet these demanding requirements. They feature high pressing and pulling forces in a compact yet robust housing. Thus, they are ideal for installing into demanding systems that only provide limited space. The intelligent drive technology permits precise positioning – thus opening up a wide range of possibilities for agricultural and municipal machinery. Our focus is always on economic efficiency; that is why linear drives from Phoenix Mecano have an attractive price-performance ratio.